Simon Drew

Wedding Singer | DJ | Entertainer

Sunshine Coast | Brisbane | Gold Coast

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So what do I do?

When you hire me for your wedding I have one purpose, and that is to make sure that your special day is as stress-free and memorable as possible. You've just spent months preparing for what is supposed to be the most amazing day of your life, and the last thing that you need is to be worrying about the music. I can help.

My services break down into three parts. First, I'm a jazz vocalist and trumpeter, and my clients often hire me to sing light jazz in the background as their guests are mingling, or throughout dinner and dessert. I have many options for the accompaniment of my singing, however most often I am hired with one of my favorite highly trained jazz guitarists, or with my own jazz quartet (Myself, Piano, Double Bass, and Drums).

My second service is DJing. Most times I begin the DJ portion of the reception as soon as the dancing starts. That way you can hear all of your favorite tunes as you get loose on the dance floor with all of your loved ones.

Finally, upon special request I have packages that involve me being the Master of Ceremonies at the wedding reception. That way you don't have to worry about anything except enjoying the moment on your special evening.

Having said all this, my main focus is always on making sure that you and your guests are having an incredible time while you all celebrate this beautiful commitment that you've made. Sound good?

What are my clients saying?

"Simon was the natural choice for our wedding. He was professional, highly talented, and genuinely wanted to make the evening a success. His beautiful jazz vocal style was appreciated by all of our guests, and we all had a great time dancing when he moved to DJing. Jason and I would highly recommend Simon for any future weddings." - Sue & Jason

"Simon’s style and professionalism made him the natural choice for a recent private party, where he had our guests truly captivated. He has done a stellar job of wowing large groups (over 200) with his smooth sounds. I can highly recommend Simon for your corporate or private event." - Sandra Bourke

"We have used Simon for various functions both corporate and private, and we are always very impressed with his repertoire and professionalism. We wouldn’t hesitate to use him again in our future functions." - Chris & David Hart

"We hired Simon for a few hours at our reception. His jazz quartet really impressed both us and all of our guests, and he really added something special to the whole day. I know that our guests will remember this day for the rest of their lives, much thanks to Simon and his beautiful music." - Melissa and Arron

Listen for yourself...

Enjoy these samples from my three albums, as well as some recordings of the music that I sing with my guitarists at weddings.

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