Who is Simon Drew?

Simon Drew is one of Australia’s premier interpreters of the Great American Songbook. His authentic renditions of jazz standards are loved across the globe, and his smooth vocal and

trumpet styles hint influences of Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, and Mel Tormé. Any one of Simon’s gigs will include repertoire from the greatest jazz composers, including a few of today’s favourite stars. His arrangements are stylistically diverse, delving into Latin, R&B, Bossa, and of course, Swing.

Simon’s single goal in any performance is to make sure that the audience feels something that they weren’t expecting to feel. Watch the audience in any of Simon’s performances and you’ll see laughter, tears, excitement, and every emotion in between.

Simon has wowed audiences all around the world at festivals, in jazz clubs, and on the world’s largest cruise ships. However, Simon’s greatest pride is in his ability to turn jazz-agnostics into jazz lovers with his modern yet authentic style. Simon will often break away from the standards to play a pop tune in the style of jazz. For example, one of his most requested tunes at gigs is his bass and vocal version of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a girl.”

Comfortable with any crowd, Simon is always prepared for all ranges of performances. As his fans around the world will attest to, Simon is one of the rising stars of the new jazz generation.

Simon’s Life So Far

Simon Drew is a very accomplished artist for his age. He has been singing since he was born, and playing trumpet since he was ten years old. Throughout schooling, Simon became known for his ever-improving improvisation skills, and so he became the lead soloist in many of the school bands. With this came the opportunity to tour with big bands to great festivals and competitions all over Australia.

In 2012, at age 18, Simon was accepted to study a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, majoring in Jazz Trumpet. Throughout his first year Simon joined as many bands and choirs as he could, and consequently he improved immensely as the year went by. The year 2013 saw Simon take his voice to a new level when he was accepted to study Jazz Voice at the Queensland Conservatorium. Studying at the greatest contemporary voice university in the southern hemisphere instantly took Simon’s performances to a new, higher standard. He was thrilled to be learning from some of Australia’s best jazz and contemporary vocalists such as Irene Bartlett, Kristin Berardi, and Dave Spicer.

That same year, Simon performed at hundreds of functions, festivals, and events all over South-East Queensland and Melbourne. Simon was also thrilled to be chosen as one of the six finalists in the James Morrison Vocal Scholarship – the most prestigious honour for young jazz vocalists in Australia. In addition, 2013 was a very special year for Simon as he recorded and produced his debut album – Detour Ahead.

2014 had Simon achieving many great milestones once again, with a gig at the Paris Cat Jazz Club (Melbourne), Brisbane Jazz Club, and many more performances including functions, corporate events and festivals. He was also selected as a finalist in the James Morrison Vocal Scholarship for his second year in a row, and was lucky enough to sing alongside some of the worlds greatest jazz muso’s like James Morrison, Phil Stack, Gordon Rytmeister, James Muller and Marian Petrescu.

More recently Simon has been traveling the world performing as a guest artist onboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships. His latest contract takes him and his band throughout the Caribbean onboard the largest cruise ship in the world – the Allure of the Seas. On top of this, Simon has now released two more albums; a live album and a tribute to Chet Baker.

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